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ProducentHPI Racing
Producent varenummer110661
ModelBullet MT 3.0 - RC Nitro Bil

HPI Bullet MT 3.0 - RC Nitro Bil

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HPI Bullet MT 3.0 - RC Nitro Bil

Reference: H110661

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HPI Bullet MT 3.0 - RC Nitro Bil


HPI Bullet MT 3.0 - RC Nitro Bil

Prepare Yourself for the Might of the Bullet MT 3.0!

The massively popular HPI Bullet MT 3.0 has been updated with an all-new look, and this super tough off-road fun machine is ready for action at your command! 

The Bullet MT 3.0 can blast through any type of terrain thanks to the immense power of its HPI Nitro Star G3.0 engine and a durable 4WD drivetrain. Getting to awesome speeds and catching massive air has never been more fun! The durable, robust design of the Bullet means it can take hard landings and rough action so you can enjoy big air, hard-hitting action whenever and wherever you want!HPI Bullet MT 3.0 - RC Nitro Bil

Underneath the brand new paint scheme, the Bullet 3.0 trucks have a rugged 8-shock double-wishbone suspension, tough shaft drive, metal gear diffs and reliable 2.4GHz radio system. All you need to provide is fuel for the engine and nerves of steel to control the powerful Bullet 3.0! 

With a tall pick-up body and tractor tread tires, the Bullet MT has the classic monster truck style you're looking for! The all-new glossy black finish is offset with silver and orange racing stripes and multi-hole black chrome wheels for an awesome custom look that can't be beat! The wide front grille is coupled with a huge hood scoop, and the extra driving lights add to the aggressive big-truck looks. A sleek roll bar sits over the bed behind the cabin and the window details include roll bars and window nets to finish off the monster truck looks. With the low-profile tractor style tires wrapped around extra-cool black chrome wheels, the Bullet MT has fantastic styling that will be the envy of all your friends!

HPI Bullet MT 3.0 - RC Nitro Bil

2.4GHz Radio System
All HPI kits are fitted with a comfortable and feature-packed HPI 2.4GHz radio system for supreme control and confidence! The radio features a pistol-grip design with a realistic steering wheel, servo reversing and steering dual rate. It's also extremely lightweight due to it requiring only four AA batteries. You won't have to worry about radio crystals or what channel other RC racers are using with our 2.4GHz technology - the radio does all that work for you! The radio prevents frequency conflicts automatically and changes channels if there is any interference. Finally, if you ever lose radio signal, an electronic failsafe will bring it to a safe and controlled stop. You'll have professional-level control in one easy RTR package!

HPI Bullet MT 3.0 - RC Nitro Bil

Protected Electronics
The Bullet 3.0 trucks feature a protected receiver compartment for the truck's battery pack and receiver, plus waterproof steering and throttle servos that allow you to keep running your Bullet in extreme conditions that would kill just about any other vehicle! Want to tackle that muddy bog? How about that stream crossing? A bit of rain about to fall? It's all good for the Bullet trucks! Please note: This HPI vehicle is designed to provide water protection so it can be driven in wet conditions (e.g. rain, snow, puddles). Not for submersion. See manual for details.
HPI Bullet MT 3.0 - RC Nitro Bil


HPI Bullet MT 3.0 - RC Nitro Bil

Strong Aluminum Alloy Chassis
Formed from 6061 aluminum for a combination of strength and light weight, the Bullet 3.0 chassis is durable and looks great! Thick sheet aluminum is stamped into shape to form the ideal backbone for all the various components that make the Bullet trucks so tough! The front kick-up provides extra control at all speeds, essential for a go-anywhere, do-anything vehicle like the Bullet. The sides are also bent upwards to give extra ground clearance in tight turns, but also vastly increased longitudinal stiffness - perfect for all your off-road adventures!

HPI Bullet MT 3.0 - RC Nitro Bil

Compact & Balanced Layout
The Bullet 3.0 is packed with features, with every component placed exactly where it needs to be to operate in the most efficient way possible. The steering servo is placed in a "laydown" configuration for a low center of gravity, and the weight of the engine fuel tank balances the electronics on the other side of the chassis. Derived from decades of HPI Racing experience, the Bullet takes advantage of our design team's knowledge to give you a perfectly balanced, compact and easily maintained nitro monster truck!


Tough 4WD Shaft Drivetrain
The drivetrain used in all Bullet trucks is a full-time four-wheel drive shaft-type drivetrain, just like the one used in 1/8th scale buggies like the World Champion HB D815 buggy. A shaft drivetrain is the best option for a kit that's expected to encounter every possible driving condition and track surface, so whether you're blasting through mud, water, dirt, grass, snow or gravel, it's the ideal type of drivetrain for your off-road adventures!

HPI Bullet MT 3.0 - RC Nitro Bil

Nitro-Powered Fun
A strong plastic spur gear takes the power from the engine and transmits it front and rear through an adjustable dual pad slipper clutch. The center dogbones drive the front and rear bevel differentials, which use 4 internal gears for increased durability and lifetime over weaker 2-gear diffs. Braking power is provided by the adjustable steel disc brake for maximum stopping strength to all four tires! 

HPI Bullet MT 3.0 - RC Nitro Bil

Steel Dogbones
Extra-tough hardware is a major feature of the Bullet trucks, and it's no different when you look at the driveshafts. Super strong coated steel dogbones transfer the power from the front and rear differentials into the wheels. On each axle is a standard-size 14mm hex adapters using nylon, and a sturdy steel locknut holds the wheels on place on each axle.

Efficient Ball Bearings
For extra efficiency, all the components of the drivetrain, from the spur gear to the wheel axles, spin on long-life, rubber-sealed ball bearings. With these bearings you get long runtimes and long engine life while the rubber seals keep out dust and grime!

Suspension And Steering

Rugged Long Suspension Arms
Extra-long suspension arms provide stability, and thick suspension pins give you extra insurance against crash damage. The suspension arms feature a solid construction for extra-tough construction and extreme durability. Multiple shock mounting locations let you fine-tune the handling for whatever you plan to be doing. Go ahead and try it - even though it's perfectly set at the factory for neutral handling, we don't mind if you try something new!

Double Shocks at Each Corner
8 extra-long shock absorbers control the damping on the Bullet 3.0, and are precisely filled with oil for exceptional handling in turns and cushioning when landing big jumps. With big coil-over springs they are the perfect match to the long suspension arms! The shocks are customizable with HPI oils and springs, as well as different shock mount locations.

Flexible Plastic Parts
Tough nylon suspension parts include the hubs, steering knuckles, and rear uprights, which are designed to endure any sort of punishment. The front hubs have an oversized rock guard to keep pebbles and stones away from the dogbone/axle joint. Optional shock mounting points are provided on the suspension arms for lowering the stance of the truck slightly (great for running on-road) and stiffening up the suspension at the same time, without using option parts.

Waterproof Steering & Throttle Servos
The waterproof HPI SF-10W servo pulls double duty on the Bullet 3.0, with one SF-10W easily handling the steering of the front wheels and another SF-10W controlling the carburetor and brake positions. The HPI SF-10W servo is a powerful and reliable unit, and thanks to a strong spring-loaded servo saver it can take the hits of jumps and crashes as you drive all day long. It's also completely waterproof so it can take the abuse of all-terrain truck action!

Adjustable Steel Turnbuckles
Strong steel turnbuckles link connects the servo to the steering hubs through a reliable bellcrank steering system. The turnbuckles are light yet strong, and allow you to tune the Bullet with different toe settings. For advanced tuning, turnbuckle links let you make quick adjustments, and even the steering links use turnbuckles so you can change the front toe setting if you wanted. 

Rugged All-Terrain Tires
The extra cool-looking all-terrain tires will provide an amazing amount of grip on loose or hard-packed dirt, grass, mud and more. The sturdy tractor-tread tires are perfect for loose dirt, wet mud and work great even on dry tarmac, so you can hit any driving surface with confidence and assurance. The tires are securely glued to black chrome coated wheels for extra style points!

HPI Bullet MT 3.0 - RC Nitro Bil

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RC bil eller fjernstyrtet bil, kært barn har mange navne. Her på har vi et stort udvalg af RC biler fra bla. HPI Racing og Maverick RC. RC biler findes i mange forskellige skala og detaljegrader samt variation i udstyr og hastigheder. Desuden kan de indeddeles i RC bil der kører på nitromethan, RC bil der kører på benzin og RC biler der kører på batterier. Her er links til nogle af de populæreste RC biler i forskellige skala. Maverick ION Monstertruck RC bil, HPI Vorza FLUX RC bil, HPI Bullet MT 3.0 RC bil.

RC Tank eller fjernstyret kampvogn. Igen to sider af samme sag. RC tanks eller mere korrekt kampvogne findes også i mange forskellige variationer. har som udgangspunkt 2 forskellige typer RC kampvogne. Med IR battlesystem og med BB bullets skydefunktion. Andre variationer af RC kampvogne, er detaljegraden samt hvor stor en del er produceret af metal eller plastik. En populær RC kampvogn er Leopard 2A6, som bla benyttes i det danske forsvar i dag.

Et par links til populære RC både. Super Mono X V3.0 RC speedbåd eller Motor Yacht Princess RC båd

Droner har gennemgået en rivende udvikling de sidste 10 år. Fra at være simpelt legetøj, findes der nu droner med avancerede flight-modes, GPS, Kameraer med 48MP stillbilleder og 4K video. Disse droner bruges i dag meget bredt. Fra hobby dronen til højtavancerede inspektions droner. De mest kendte droner er fra DJI. Den sidste nye fra DJI er Mavic Air 2 Dronen. Denne drone har bla. 48MP stillbilleder og 4K videokamera, samt et hav af andre funktioner. Se flere funktioner på linket.

En anden populær drone er DJI Mavic Mini Dronen. Den vejer kun 249 gram, men har stadig mange af de features de større droner har. Den er en perfekt begynder drone. I mange år var det Phantom serien fra DJI der førte an, nu er den foldbare drone fra Mavic serien den mest populære. Men DJI Phantom 4 Pro dronen og Phantom 4 Pro + dronen er stadig en rigtig god drone fra Phantom serien.

El køretøjer som Mini SegWay fra CHIC IO og deres originale SegBoard samt El løbehjul fra AMEWI!

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