SS-20WR Servo (Water-Rest/6.0V/6.5Kg/Plastic Gear

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SS-20WR Servo (Water-Rest/6.0V/6.5Kg/Plastic Gear

Originale HPI Racing reservedele til din fjernstyret bil!

Model/Varenr.: 120018
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HPI Racing - SS-20WR Servo (Water-Rest/6.0V/6.5Kg/Plastic Gear


This water-resistant servo is ideal for bashers and racers looking for a tough and durable servo that can be used in wet conditions (e.g. rain, snow, puddles).

Operating Voltage: 4.8-6V
4.8V: Speed: 0.14 sec/60 degrees, Torque: 4.2kg-cm
6V: Speed: 0.11 sec/60 degrees, Torque: 6.5kg-cm
Servo Spline: 25T

Main case: 40.7x39.4x20.0mm (excluding mounting tabs, servo spline, & cable outlet)
Mounting tab hole centres: 50.0x9.8mm

Weight: 42g (excluding servo horn)

NOTE: This servo is water-resistant only, meaning it is resistant to splashes and brief contact with water. It is not waterproof and therefore not suitable for submerged used. Before driving in wet conditions, make sure that all electronics fitted to the vehicle are safe to use (marked as water-resistant or waterproof), or that they are fully enclosed and protected from water and moisture (such as in a sealed receiver/battery case). Fans mounted on speed controllers are not water resistant - we recommend to disconnect the fan from the ESC before driving in wet conditions and allow it to dry fully before reconnecting the fan power. Lubricate exposed metal drivetrain parts such as bearings, outdrives and diff shafts before driving in wet conditions. Motors are not intended for submerged use and may be damaged if used when under water. After driving in wet conditions, make sure to rinse off dirt and any corrosive liquids like saltwater with plain water and re-lubricate metal drivetrain parts. 


Originale reservedele til din HPI Racing fjernstyret bil for hurtig reparation, korrekt vedligeholdelse og præcis montering!

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